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Hugh Jackman (Valjean)

My Specialised Subject

This is my specialised subject, which is mainly commission based, although I do have some pictures for sale.

Hand drawn portraits from your photos make perfect gifts for family and friends, whether they are of people or pets. The art of drawing with pencil is to capture the essence and unique personality of the subject whilst bringing to life a simple snapshot.

Most pictures are A4 size as frames are readily available, although I am happy to consider larger requests if required. 

As people seldom have time to pose for me; it is also difficult for children and pets to stay still long enough; the bulk of my orders are done from photographs and repeat commissions invariably follow. This also means that my customer base covers the UK and abroad.

When I am not working on a commission I draw from pictures in the press or wherever I see something challenging. Some of my drawings of well known people, such as Sir Alex Ferguson and Il Divo have been sent to them with interesting results........................

Check out the Celebrity Gallery to see some of my other drawings...........

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